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Huizhaopin is an outsourcing product of Huiying group's recruitment process and a registered trademark of the State Administration for Industry and commerce. Huizhaopin has a database of more than 5 million middle and low-level talents in Qingdao to simplify employment procedures and improve work efficiency for customers,

Recruitment - serve every job seeker with your heart! Huiying recruitment is a recruitment outsourcing brand of Qingdao Huiying human resources group! It specially recommends suitable jobs for job seekers free of charge. At present, Huihui recruits posts such as personnel administration, customer service, finance, sales, salesperson, waiter, security guard, cleaning, driver and beautician. Huihui recruits professional talent brokers and one-to-one services.

In 2012, Huiying group spent 2 million to build the HRO system platform. The Huiying recruitment applet launched in 2021 opened the precedent of fission recruitment and greatly shortened the recruitment cycle of enterprises.

Huiying human resources has more professional labor relations agents for employees all over the country, including: agent recruitment, signing of employment contracts, handling of employment and retirement procedures, payment of social security accumulation fund, salary payment, withholding of individual income tax, certificate agency and other services; Using the "one-to-one" and "housekeeper" service mode, each customer service personnel is required to track the whole line from signing to daily service, so as to ensure the most effective and considerate service quality and provide one-stop service "from the beginning to the end".

Five advantages of Huiying human resources recruitment outsourcing service huizhao employment:

Cost advantage:

Pay according to the effect and provide three-dimensional service to reduce the recruitment cost by more than 40%.

Quality advantage:

Strong professional recruitment consultants in various fields to ensure that the recommended candidates can be competent for customer positions.

Quantity advantage:

The strong talent pool and rich recruitment channels accumulated over the years can transport enough personnel.

Efficiency advantages:

It has a comprehensive talent recruitment and search system and strict process management system, which greatly improves the overall recruitment efficiency of the enterprise.

Community advantages:

Huiying group has a local job search community in Qingdao composed of 200 wechat groups, platform management, docking with the independently developed RPO recruitment platform, post release with one click, and hundreds of part-time HR recommended candidates until delivery.

Fission recruitment advantages:

Huiying group's self-developed huizhao recruitment applet offers reward recruitment fission data growth, which greatly meets the requirements of rapid recruitment.

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