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Why do enterprises choose human resource service outsourcing?

Help enterprises build or optimize personnel framework

Start up enterprises: build a legal and effective personnel framework as soon as possible.

Developing enterprises: in the process of expansion, resources are limited, and the existing deficiencies are supplemented by outsourcing.

Regularized Enterprises: the objective environment forces enterprises to regularize (such as financing, merger, listing, etc.) and sort out and optimize them with the help of professional outsourcing service providers.

Provide local support for national business enterprises

Enterprises with branches in different places: it is difficult for the headquarters to manage uniformly, and the selection of local outsourcing service providers can improve professionalism and stability.

Enterprises without branches in different places: the business is distributed in multiple cities, but there are few personnel in each city. The selection of outsourcing services can provide enterprises and employees with support equivalent to full-time HR functions.

Transform contradictions and risks for enterprises

Avoid labor disputes: the enterprise has no labor contract relationship with outsourcing employees, which avoids the occurrence of labor disputes.

Disperse employment risks: select outsourcing employees to "employ without supporting others", which helps the enterprise reduce and decompose the risk of employment investment.

Human resource service outsourcing (administrative service outsourcing) is also a comprehensive service, so that multinational enterprises can easily outsource some or all of their global employees' salary, welfare management and human resource standardization.

The HR service outsourcing solution allows you to keep abreast of the local salary and HR norms, so as to avoid risks and reduce the impact on the company's employees and salary payment. Through this service, you can even learn about changes in important regulations such as local taxes, local statutory insurance or minimum wage reform. It saves you worry and effort. In this way, your company and HR team can focus on other important matters and focus on business progress.

Human resource service outsourcing helps enterprises externalize costs and internalize benefits

★ reduce management cost

★ reduce routine human resources management expenses

★ reduce labor cost

★ reduce tax cost

★ reduce the cost of reform

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