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1. Labor outsourcing is also called production line outsourcing
In addition to adopting the mode of labor dispatch, we also combine labor dispatch and outsourcing. In addition to using the mode of labor dispatch to legally avoid the employment risk of enterprises, we also use the mode of production line outsourcing to reasonably avoid the shortcomings of labor dispatch in the employment mode, because labor dispatch can only be carried out on a temporary, auxiliary and alternative basis, Outsourcing doesn't have to consider these. Our outsourcing is to use the outsourcing mode to carry out dispatch employment more reasonably without changing the original management mode of the enterprise.
The so-called production line outsourcing, also known as manufacturing outsourcing, means that enterprises provide fixed resources such as plants and equipment, and professional dispatch service agencies provide overall manufacturing outsourcing services such as personnel recruitment, training, on-site management and employee relations. As a professional human resources dispatch service provider, we provide a reliable service platform for the operation of non core production business of customer units, It plays a fundamental role in reducing cost, increasing efficiency and improving the competitive strength of enterprises. After signing the production line dispatch agreement with us, it can help enterprises really save money, worry and effort, so as to quickly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

2. Benefits of labor outsourcing (production line outsourcing)
1. Enable enterprises to focus on core business / processes and promote industrial upgrading
2. Enable enterprises to reduce costs and improve return on capital
3. Enable enterprises to avoid legal and qualification restrictions and improve enterprise vitality
4. Avoid overstaffing and improve enterprise efficiency
5. Enable enterprises to reduce management range and improve management efficiency
6. Enable the enterprise to avoid direct disputes with employees and reduce labor disputes

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