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Lingzhitong - flexible career channel platform

Lingzhitong is a flexible employment brand of Huiying human resources group. It focuses on flexible employment of enterprises, provides socialized employment, salary agency and individual income tax declaration for flexible employment enterprises and crowdsourcing platform, focuses on flexible employment of enterprises, professional team, flexible employment on the whole line, and fundamentally solves the problems of many employees and difficult management!

It expertise and project outsourcing

It expertise outsourcing
Type of expertise: Development Engineer, Java technology, test engineer, desktop support, etc;
Industry: Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc;
It project outsourcing
Project operation and maintenance: it service consultation, network system maintenance support, software and hardware system maintenance support services, etc;
Test outsourcing: function test, performance test, security test, experience test, etc.

Outsourcing of functional posts and sharing centers

Functional position
Provide outsourcing of personnel, administration, finance, front desk, secretarial, procurement and legal functions to help enterprises reduce risks and improve organizational flexibility;
Sharing Center Outsourcing
Break the traditional human resource model, such as low resource utilization, low efficiency and difficult multi regional coordination.

Help enterprises locate, build, recruit and manage the sharing center, with services covering finance, personnel compensation, procurement, recruitment and other fields.

Customer service outsourcing

call center
Services include address selection, customer service personnel recruitment, technical management support and project achievement assurance;
Online customer service
Telephone and e-mail service, customer service, official account service, community maintenance customer service, etc.
Content editing and review customer service
Online and offline content editing, content and compliance audit and other customer service services.

Marketing outsourcing

Push outsourcing
Go deep into more than 160 urban office buildings, business districts and supermarkets, more than 1000 colleges and universities, university towns, 100000 + medium and high-grade community communities, etc;
Promoter outsourcing
Provide large-scale part-time, promotion and other outsourcing services for cyclical, seasonal, substitute and other promotion needs;
Retail terminal talent outsourcing
Provide outsourcing of retail terminal talents in stores, supermarkets, flash, roadshows and other scenes.
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