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Purpose of cooperative operation: - to build a Chinese human resources service outsourcing brand, establish an industry integrity system and reshape the industry image.
Group brand advantages: - Huiying registered trademark, industry brand advantages, and the state vigorously supports the brand service industry;
Industry development advantages: - human resource outsourcing services will become the mainstream in the next decade;
Advantages of the group's platform: - the group has complete qualifications, rich industry operation, independent research and development of information sharing platform, integration of big data and conducive to bidding;
Advantages of cooperative operation: - wholly owned by the group headquarters, more professional business guidance and more trust from customers.
Huiying group integrates the three most important elements: big data storage ­—— Accurate analysis - information sharing
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Ying Ying group headquarters website: www.hyhrc.com WeChat official account: Hui Ying manpower

1、 Group profile

Qingdao Huiying human resources group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao Huiying holding group, was founded in 2010. It is a professional company engaged in human resources service outsourcing approved by Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce and Qingdao human resources and Social Security Bureau. It is also a director unit of Qingdao Human Resources Exchange Service Association. Professional human resource service outsourcing enterprises are committed to providing customers with all-round human resource service solutions, including personnel outsourcing, social security provident fund agency, labor dispatch, payroll, labor outsourcing, post outsourcing, salary and welfare outsourcing, recruitment outsourcing, high-end headhunting, business process outsourcing, enterprise management consulting, enterprise human resource post training and other businesses. The group has registered trademarks such as "Huiying", "Huiying human resources", "hyhrc", "lingzhitong" and "huizhaopin", and copyrights such as graphics are protected by intellectual property rights. The group has a perfect human resources process outsourcing management system. At present, it has successfully passed ISO9001 certification, has qualifications such as human resources service license and labor dispatch operation license, and has won honors such as municipal human resources integrity demonstration enterprise and municipal human resources industry excellent brand. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries include Shandong Huiying Human Resources Co., Ltd., Qingdao Huiying Financial Management Co., Ltd., Qingdao Huiying Management Co., Ltd., Qingdao Huiying Media Co., Ltd. The business of the group's subsidiaries covers human resources services, enterprise management consulting, fiscal and tax bookkeeping management, cultural media and other businesses. The business covers more than 100 cities and regions in Qingdao, Jinan, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Chengdu. The service industry involves electronics, computing, construction, commerce, manufacturing, service industry, medical care, metallurgical exploration and other fields. Have a good reputation among customers.

Shandong Huiying Human Resources Co., Ltd. mainly carries out social security agency, employment handling, labor dispatch and other businesses in Shandong. The company has 17 branches in the province, including Jinan, Qingdao, Weifang, Yantai, Zibo, Weihai, Linyi, Dongying, Liaocheng, Laiwu, Weihai, Rizhao, Dezhou, Jining, Zaozhuang, etc. The company's customers are group companies inside and outside the province, covering businesses mainly including personnel agency, labor relations trusteeship, social security provident fund payment, salary payment, individual income tax declaration, etc. the company has many years of business operation experience, has a set of professional and standardized operation processes, and the whole set of business covers all cities in Shandong, bringing convenient human resources services to group customers, Highly praised by customers.

Qingdao Huiying Management Service Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huiying group, was established in 2017. Huiying group has ten years of consulting practice and professional accumulation. In order to create a high-end brand in the local management consulting industry, a wholly-owned holding subsidiary Huiying Management Service Co., Ltd. is specially established to provide exclusive services for the management consulting business. Adhering to the corporate mission of "adhering to professional values and striving for excellence", Huiying management has won high praise from customers since the establishment of the company and has become a professional consulting service organization in the local management consulting industry. Huiying management provides customers with professional consulting services of "strategic management, operation management and system management", and helps customers carry out systematic and comprehensive scheme design and implementation support. Huiying management is determined to create the best local management consulting organization.

Qingdao Huiying Financial Management Co., Ltd., established in 2017, is an agency certified by the administrative department for Industry and commerce to obtain the business license of enterprise legal person, specializing in industrial and commercial registration, bookkeeping, tax declaration, enterprise management consulting, trademark registration and application for general taxpayers. Provide one-stop service for enterprise registration. The management of the company leads a professional team with excellent style and well-trained, bringing together a group of professional and technical accountants, certified public accountants, certified asset appraisers, certified tax agents, lawyers and other senior financial, financial, investment, legal experts and government consultants to finance, invest and Provide professional consulting services for financial and tax planning and capital operation, and provide comprehensive and professional financial consulting and risk management services for mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring, asset replacement, debt restructuring, bankruptcy liquidation, closure liquidation, etc.

Founded in 2013, Qingdao Huiying Media Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huiying group, focuses on the integrated marketing communication of products and corporate brands, and is committed to providing professional, complete, high-quality and fast brand communication services to help customers improve their popularity, enhance their reputation, maintain their loyalty, and realize the continuous growth of enterprise business performance and the lasting improvement of enterprise brand image. At present, the company has a professional service team of nearly 100 people, including advertising, design, public relations, exhibition and network marketing. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated rich experience in the fields of finance, real estate, medicine and health care, automobile, FMCG and government services, and has won a good reputation. At present, the company's main business includes strategic consulting, strategic consulting, public relations planning, advertising planning, exhibition, conference services, design and production, news marketing, network marketing and so on.

Qingdao Huiying Holding Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. Its subsidiaries include Qingdao Huiying Human Resources Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Huiying Brand Management Co., Ltd., Yimai (Qingdao) Health Management Co., Ltd. and Huiying intelligence (Qingdao) Education Co., Ltd. its invested subsidiaries mainly cover human resources services, financial management consulting, media education Health management and other industries.

Now, Huiying group is adhering to the business philosophy of "providing high-quality service and strengthening the sense of social responsibility", taking it as its own responsibility to help more talents find a stage to display their talents, is committed to the research and practice of human resource management services, constantly condenses the essence of human resource management services, helps customers improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and contributes to the development of the enterprise Provide source power for employee growth. Strive to reflect and constantly surpass ourselves, constantly develop more novel and high-quality service products, and always stand at the forefront of the human resources service industry.

"Gather talents from all over the world and create a better future" is the constant pursuit of Huiying people. All employees of Huiying group will welcome elites from all walks of life to join Huiying group and work together to create a better tomorrow with the attitude of "surpassing today and innovating the future"!

2、 Industry analysis
At present, tens of millions of small and micro enterprises in China do not have a professional personnel department. Since the implementation of the labor contract law in 2008, more and more enterprises have been arbitrated. Most of them are disputes caused by the lack of standardized human resources operation, of which the arbitration of labor relations accounts for more than 80%. Why don't enterprises set up a professional human resources department? Taking Beijing and Shanghai as an example, the salary of an ordinary personnel assistant is about 5000 yuan or more. In addition to social security accumulation fund and other benefits, the minimum cost of setting up a human resources department is 10000 yuan per month, which is more than 100000 yuan a year. Generally, small and micro enterprises have small profit space and do not have the strength to set up a special human resources department, Even some bosses only pay attention to sales and do not pay attention to enterprise management.
The promulgation of order No. 20 of the Ministry of human resources and social security of the people's Republic of China in 2013 has put most enterprises in a passive situation in labor relations disputes. Huiying human resources has focused on the research of enterprise labor relations since 2010. Today, with the growing awareness of workers' rights protection, most enterprises pay attention to the full outsourcing of labor relations, Today, when the whole people start their own businesses, there are countless new small and micro enterprises in China every year, which indicates that the labor relations outsourcing market is exponentially doubling. Market demand is the best basis for enterprise development. Human resources outsourcing will become the mainstream in the next decade. They will join Huiying human resources. They have many years of experience in human resources outsourcing and market demand, The development is certain. Joining Huiying, the business is seamlessly connected across the country. With the strength of cooperation and the advantages of brand and specialty, it will become the most powerful human resources outsourcing service provider in China.

3、 Three advantages of cooperative operation
1. Why cooperate with Huiying human resources?
Professionalism: Huiying human resources group has been professionally committed to the research of labor relations for many years. It has a professional team of human resources engineers and a strong team of legal advisers. It is very skilled in business operation.
Branding: Huiying human resources is a registered trademark. Years of reputation has added color to the brand. It has an excellent reputation all over the country and is recognized by customers.
Process: Huiying's human resources business process, management standardization, chain operation all over the country, and the mode of signing up for national service is deeply recognized by group customers.
2. What are the advantages of human resources cooperation with Huiying?
1) . it has the legal qualification of human resources service outsourcing locally and immediately jumped to the leading chain service organization of human resources service outsourcing in China;
2) Have advanced and standardized operation and management system and professional human resources service talent training system;
3) . sign a national leading brand enterprise. At present, there are not only high-end enterprises such as China Mobile, China Unicom, telecom, banks and hospitals to resettle employees; There are also blue collar workers and technical types of work in workshops such as sinotruk and COFCO.
4) Unified publicity, reduced a lot of advertising investment and saved recruitment costs;
5) Have a professional database, deeply study policies all over the country, cooperate with a professional call center system, and implement a unified management and independent operation mode;
6) Build a leading human resource service outsourcing brand in China, provide professional human resource outsourcing services, and sign contracts for national services.
Only through cooperative operation can each company become bigger and stronger and go further. Only by uniting can we become bigger and stronger, and truly maximize profits, market, manpower and reputation.
3. How to cooperate with Huiying human resources?
Qingdao Huiying human resources group www.huiyinghrc.com is the national headquarters. Its unique advantage is resource integration. Huiying group has more than 10 years of experience in human resources service outsourcing, dozens of professional team backbone personnel, high-quality enterprise customer resources and good reputation brand, which means that inexperienced personnel cooperate with Huiying human resources through short-term training, Immediately become one of the best professional human resources service outsourcing companies in the local area.

4、 Requirements for joining conditions
1. An individual or group with legal identity certificate in China, over the age of 26, good personal credit record and full capacity for civil liability;
2. Be willing to develop human resources service outsourcing business and have the ability to expand human resources service outsourcing business locally;
3. There is a fixed business place in the street or franchise place, with an area of no less than 20 square meters;
4. People of insight who are willing to engage in human resources service outsourcing and develop human resources service outsourcing as their own business;
5. Recognize the trademark and brand of Huiying human resources and the corporate culture and development concept of Huiying group;
6. Accept the conditions and methods of joining Huiying group, and accept the operation guidance and management mode of the head office;
7. Have good interpersonal and public relations skills, and have a good financial credit record;
8. Confident, caring, sincere and patient, with good language expression and communication skills, and good entrepreneurial mentality;
9. With computer and auxiliary equipment, and other basic configuration of modern office.

5、 Joining process
1. Franchisees contact Huiying group headquarters to reach a preliminary cooperation intention;
2. Go to the headquarters to discuss the details of joining;
3. Submit application forms and other relevant materials;
4. The headquarters shall review and evaluate the applicant;
5. Sign the franchise agreement and reach the franchise cooperation intention;
6. Participate in the unified professional training of the headquarters and obtain all-round multi-channel service support.

6、 Analysis and distribution of franchise interests
1) Revenue analysis:
1. The first profit point, labor relations trusteeship:
30 yuan per person per month. Based on the hosting of 3000 people, the monthly hosting fee is 90000 and 1.08 million per year.
2. The second profit point is labor outsourcing service fee:
According to the net profit of 100 yuan per person per month, the number of outsourcing is 1000, the monthly service fee is 100000, and the annual service fee is 1.2 million.
3. The third profit point, labor dispatch service fee:
The service fee is 100 yuan per person per month, the number of dispatched personnel is 1000, the monthly service fee is 100000, and the annual service fee is 1.2 million.
2) Profit sharing Description:
For details, please consult customer service for franchise information.

7、 Problem collection
1. What kind of project is this and what is the development prospect?
A: This is a very promising industry. At present, Huiying group has set up many branches all over the country, specializing in human resource service outsourcing for domestic collectivized enterprises and small, medium and micro enterprises. In the 13th five year plan, we can see that the state attaches importance to the service industry, human capital will become the focus of investment, and local governments have corresponding subsidies for entrepreneurship, which can fully see the state's recognition of the human resources service outsourcing industry. What we do is to help people, and only the cause of helping people can develop for a long time.
2. Can you make so much money?
Answer: you may not know much about this industry. In 2015, No. 1 central document was to establish harmonious labor relations. In the next five to ten years, HR outsourcing will dominate. More than 90% of people in China don't understand it, which is also an opportunity for us.
3. What is the difference between human resource outsourcing and labor dispatch?
A: we are a human resources company, and human resources service outsourcing is our main business. In recent years, due to the non-standard of labor dispatch companies, it has seriously infringed on the legitimate basic rights and interests of dispatched employees, and also made the labor dispatch industry notorious. Human resources service outsourcing is a new form of personnel management and service to meet the needs of the development of market economy. For individuals, human resource outsourcing services ensure that talents working in various types of units should enjoy the legitimate rights and interests stipulated in the current national personnel and labor policies. For the unit, human resource service makes the unit's human resource management affairs socialized, helps the unit free from the specific trivial personnel affairs, enables the enterprise to devote itself to strategic planning, operation and development, reduces the human resource management organization and personnel allocation, and achieves the goal of efficient operation for the enterprise's human resource management.
4. What is the franchise fee and how to pay it?
A: join in for free. The headquarters adopts the profit sharing mode with the cooperative company.
5. What is the franchise method and what procedures need to be handled when individuals cooperate and have resources in hand?
A: first fill in the cooperation application form, and the head office will understand and review the joining individuals. The joining individuals need to have legal identity, office space and office facilities.
6. What is the profit sharing ratio between the headquarters and the cooperative company?
Answer: see the instructions for details
7. Is the business signed by the headquarters?
A: the business of the cooperative company is independently operated by the franchisees and uniformly guided and controlled by the headquarters. If the local bidding business needs more qualifications, it shall be provided by the headquarters and signed the business contract, and the proportion of business income is the same.
8. What services does the headquarters provide for the cooperative company?
A: the headquarters will provide unified training, business guidance, brand authorization, unified supervision measures and unified brand publicity for franchise companies. So that every cooperative company must make money and ensure the success of each cooperative company.
9. How much capital needs to be invested in the early stage of joining?
A: according to the capacity of the franchise company, it is about 30000-100000.

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