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Social insurance consulting services:
1. Social Security Filing
2. Transfer of social security from other provinces
3. Social security medical reimbursement
4. Application for maternity reimbursement, prenatal examination and reimbursement of production expenses
5. Supplementary payment of social insurance (not for cross year)
6. Storage of personal files
7. Handling of social security (medical insurance) card
8. Handling of individual retirement
9. Social security policy consultation
10. Determination of social security base payment scheme

Provident fund consulting services:
1. Provident fund deposit
2. Filing of provident fund
3. Provident fund policy consultation
4. Supplementary payment of provident fund
5. Provident fund loan policy consultation
6. Handling of provident fund joint card
7. Provident fund query
8. Information change
9. Transfer of provident fund inside and outside the province

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