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Social security payment service:
1. Get the social insurance registration form;
2. Payment and account establishment of endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, medical insurance and other four insurances;
3. Payment proportion of enterprises and individuals and calculation of payment amount;
4. Increase and decrease of insured personnel;
5. Change of insured personnel information;
6. Inter provincial transfer of social insurance relations;
7. Collection and verification of payment base;
8. Pension and retirement procedures;
9. Work injury identification, rating and reimbursement procedures;
10. Employee maternity allowance, prenatal examination fee reimbursement and application procedures;
11. Reimbursement of medical expenses of insured personnel;
12. Inquiry of arrears and overdue fine and social security certificate;
13. Answer relevant national and local social insurance policies and regulations;
14. Entry and offer of personal information;
15. Lectures on relevant social security knowledge
16. Social security salary calculation and background submission of enterprise employees
17. Consultation on labor laws and regulations
18. Standardize employment guidance
19. Guidance on determining the social security base
20. The enterprise shall handle account opening, reimbursement, etc. for supplementary medical treatment.

Housing provident fund services:
1. Handle the formalities of supplementary payment and remittance of housing provident fund;
2. Handle the withdrawal and consolidation procedures of housing provident fund;
3. Handle the transfer procedures of individual account of housing provident fund;
4. Handle the sealing procedures of individual accounts of housing provident fund;
5. Handle the withdrawal procedures of individual account of housing provident fund;
6. Handle the collective sealing procedures for the unit account of housing provident fund;
7. Acting as an agent for the payment and deposit of housing provident fund for employees of branches in Qingdao of other provinces and cities;
8. Answer the consultation on relevant policies and regulations of the regulations on the administration of housing provident fund.

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