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About Huiying Human Resources Group
12 years of professional hr agency industry experience, standardized, process operation, fast delivery and timely response

Qingdao Huiying Human Resources Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao Huiying Holding Group, was founded in 2010. Approved by Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, it is a professional company engaged in human resources service outsourcing and a council member of Qingdao Human Resources Exchange Service Association. Professional human resources service outsourcing enterprises, committed to providing customers with comprehensive human resource service solutions, including the personnel outsourcing, accumulation fund of social security agency, labor dispatch, payroll, labor service outsourcing, position, salary, benefits, recruitment outsourcing, outsourcing high-end executive search, business process outsourcing, enterprise management consulting, enterprise human resources job training, etc. The group has registered trademarks such as "Huiying", "Huiying HUMAN Resources", "HYHRC", "Lingzhitong" and "Huizhaopin", and graphic Copyrights are protected by intellectual property rights. The group has a sound human resources process outsourcing management system, has successfully passed the ISO9001 certification, has human resources service license, labor dispatch business license and other qualifications, and won the municipal human resources integrity demonstration enterprise, municipal human resources industry outstanding brand and other honors. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries include Shandong Huiying Human Resources Co., LTD., Qingdao Huiying Financial Management Co., LTD., Qingdao Huiying Management Co., LTD., Qingdao Huiying Media Co., LTD. Group subsidiary business human resource services, business management consulting, finance and tax accounting management, culture media, such as business, business coverage of Qingdao, jinan, Shanghai, Beijing, tianjin, guangzhou, chengdu and other cities in more than 100 cities and regions, service industries involved in electronics, computer, construction, commerce, manufacturing, services, health care, exploration of metallurgy and other fields. In the customer has a good reputation.

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Our advantages
12 years of industry experience, professional service team
  • One-to-one customer service

    Strong service team, clear division of functions, efficient and comprehensive services for the enterprise, escort for the development of enterprises, to ensure the quality of service, we can provide customers with one-to-one full-time customer service, provide door-to-door services, greatly improve service efficiency.

  • 24-hour response service

    Respond promptly and improve efficiency. The needs of the enterprise are our pursuit, and the interests of the enterprise are our interests. If the enterprise has any human resources problems, it can directly call our 24-hour hotline, and our customer service will solve the problems for the enterprise at the first time.

  • Business handling is efficient and transparent

    When the enterprise entrusts our service from the moment, it means that we shoulder a responsibility, we strive to achieve efficient and transparent business management, timely communication with customers, multi-channel feedback management situation, for the enterprise to minimize the risk of employment.

  • Three major peace of mind service commitments

    Our commitment to quality: we will bear the losses caused to customers due to our reasons. Efficiency commitment: publicize the progress of the affairs entrusted by the customer to the customer; safety commitment: publicize the funds paid by the customer and the details of each consumption to the customer.

Service process
Huiying human resources standardized process operation is the basis to ensure delivery capacity
  • STEP 1

    Enterprise order

  • STEP 2

    Customer service docking

  • STEP 3

    Personnel management

  • STEP 4

    Customer feedback

  • STEP 5

    Bill check

  • STEP 6

    Continuous service

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12 years of professional experience in personnel agency to reduce labor costs for enterprises
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